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CCC- Certificate in Computer Concepts

CCC- Certificate in Computer Concepts

With increased penetration of computers and information technology in all walks of life, it has become very essential to have computer literacy for a common man in India. Now with this site to spread basic computer literacy Govt. of India, under the ministry of IT has started CCC courses (Certificate in Computer Concepts).


Whether you are a Govt. employee or a small business owner or a student or a housewife, this course helps you in gaining the basic computer proficiency in the most effective manner.


Learn CCC- Certificate, a job oriented course in Computer Concepts with CITC – An ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, approved by NIELIT and associated with Microsoft, ICDL for International Computer courses, MSME & Google. After completion of this course, you will be able to learn Computer Fundamentals, basics computer concepts, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, internet, emails, websites etc.


This job oriented course is intended to aim at imparting a basic level IT Literacy programme for the common man. This programme has essentially been developed with an idea of giving a chance to the common man to obtain computer literacy thereby contributing to do a daily task related to IT more efficiently in different walks of life.




We offer IT courses (Information Technology) that have a large range of projects in reference to IT Softwares, IT Security, and IT Operations. Computer courses enable peoples to succeed in life with better opportunities as computer-based skills are very often required everywhere nowadays.


We also provide Industrial Training for our students to get more exploration of industrial work or practical work rather than focusing mainly on theoretical aspects.


After completing the NIELIT CCC Course, the person should be able to the use the computer for basic purposes of making his personal/business letters, searching or viewing information on the internet (the web), sending & receiving the emails, preparing small databases, preparing business presentations, etc.


This helps the Students, Employees or small business communities, housewives, etc. to maintain their small accounts using the computers or laptops and enjoy in the world of Information Technology. This course is not a theoretical one, therefore, it is designed to be more practical oriented.


This course ensures almost all parts of computer applications and makes your command over the Internet as well.



While you plan to join the CCC course in Chandigarh, good news that this certificate is a recognized qualification of basic computer literacy all over India. As per the Government Resolution CCC certificate is compulsory for all central government jobs and even used for state-level computer requirements.




Secretaries, Accountants, Clerks, Small Business Communities, Govt. Employees, School / College Students, Housewives can take up this course. The facilitating agency of this course mentor the students for NIELIT CCC examinations and provides Question Bank and Online Demo Exams, comprehensive courseware & all other qualitative support.


The NIELIT CCC passing certificate is valid for getting recruitment in Government jobs across India including Central Government & all State bodies


NIELIT CCC course is acknowledged as a compulsory certification for any Govt. / Semi Govt. job as well as Promotion for Govt. employees as per various Govt. GRs in this regard.


A simple version of this course is also available to the young school students and other persons needing only basic or primitive knowledge about Computers. 


BCC (Basics in Computer Concepts) is a 90-hour computer course introducing the person with different aspects and applications of computers in brief.




We are well known for our clear & perpetrate services to all. With best recruiters, our placement cell is always with you. We are committed to making you skillful for better placements in the Private sector. & also, in Govt. as well. We are associated with many Placement Cells & Direct Companies to provide our aspirants with good opportunities.




Course Duration: 120 hours or 3 Months


Eligibility: 10th or Metric


Fee: You can click here to know more.

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