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Take Printout on Rs. 10 Stamp Paper, Sign it & send to CITC Head Office




This Agreement is made between :

Sanjeet Kumari (MD) Representative of CITC (The Hub of IT),  a venture of Chandigarh ETC Services Pvt. Ltd.    SCO: 36, Second Floor, Sector – 41 D, Chandigarh, hereinafter called party of First Part and  (Authorized Person Name) Centre Name: …………………………………………………………………… Address: …………………………………………………………………… ...  hereinafter called to be party of part Second, hereby agrees upon following Terms and agreement for valid authorization for providing Computer Education & other value added Services of the Institution/Company:


1.      That party of second part is not authorized to use the name of Institute/ Company for any other purpose in spite of providing Computer Education. Such Practice will be treated as illegal Activity.


2.      That party of second part is strictly directed to open the centre at such place where the Govt. Authority / MC or Local Public has no Objection.


3.      That party of second part will give their undertaking that they will keep the secrets of the Institute/ Company & will not publish any article or statement , deliver any Lecture or broadcast , make any communication the Press (Including Magazines and Publications) relating to any matter with which the Institute / Company may be concerned unless so Authorized in writing by the Institute.


4.      That CITC Recommend  to use genuine softwares for training purpose. CITC will not be responsible for any piracy related issues.


5.      That party of second part is authorized as Franchise.


6.      That if RC/MF/Franchise is found indulged in issuing certificates or using logos of CITC by itself, a minimum penalty of Rs. 1 lac or more will be imposed on such fraudulent activities at any stage.


7.       That party of second part will pay the fixed amount in Advance  as Certification / Documentation Charge & Registration Fees of   All 90 days / Short Term courses  Rs- ....................... , All 180  days courses    Rs- ................, 1 Year courses-    Rs- .................... and 2 Year courses Rs- ............................ at the time of Registration is Payable to Head Office by Study Centre per Student. Additional Rs. 500/- per course applicable for lateral entry. The above said fees subject to change as per requirement.


8.      Student kit include: Prospectus, ID card, Course DVD, Notepad, Pen, Leaflet (Books Cost Extra if required).


9.      All the centres to note please that As per agreement sent to you at the time of authorization, centre will be considered as Inactive/Suspended if no Students are registered for more than 6 Months. Also it is mandatory for all the Centres to Register at least 30 Students in a year in any course otherwise their Authorization may be Cancelled. If any Learning Center remains Discontinued for more than      6 Month without any Prior notice, Its Service from CITC will be Suspended.      Rs. 5000/- Activation Charge will be taken for Renewal of the Services if Suspended. Also new centre can be opened by CITC in that area if students ratio is not satisfactory.


10.  That the party of First Part reserves the right to change the above said charges if required. 


11.  That the course fees will be decided by the Study Centre as per requirement of their Area.


12.  That the above said agreement is valid for Three Years from the date of issue.    Rs. 1000/- as renewal charges will be applicable or as revised after three years. But the party of second part is liable to pay full payment of selected Slab as Renewal Charge if discontinued the centre more than 6 Months without any prior notice.


13.  That all the dues should be paid well on Time by the party of second part 


14.  That all the Certificates / Diplomas are valid only which are issued from Corporate Office, Chandigarh.


15.  Certificates /Diplomas will be awarded only to those Students who will be Registered Online with us by the Study Centre. Lateral entry fee Rs. 500/- applicable if not registered timely.


16.  That merely the Certification for Computers either by the Study Centre or Head Office , Chandigarh does not mean any Guarantee of any Kind of Job.


17.  That authorization can be terminated any time without any prior Notice if any Fraudulent or False information furnished by the party of second part without any kind of Refund. In case of Suspended/terminated account with CITC, Name, Logos can’t be used in any manner. Legal actions will be taken with a penalty of min. Rs. 1 Lac.


18.  That party of First part will ensure that the franchisee will be continued for at least one year uninterrupted and without unnecessary interference in the forking of party of Second part.


19.  That party of First part will in no way enhance their collection percentage or charge anything from party of Second part for promotional activities without their consent.


20.  That party of Second part will not be responsible for any fraudulent activity of party of First part.


21.  That party of First part will be liable to refund the amount taken from party of second if franchise is cancelled within One Year by the First party without any Specific Reason.


22.  That party of First part will be bound to furnish the certificates of the students within 45 days after party of Second part furnish all the information of the student to the party of First part. In case it is not done so, the expenses done to satisfy/pacify the student will have to be paid by the party of First part.


23.  That party on Second part will be fixing the fees as per the paying capacity of the students and prevailing competition in market.


24.  That party of First part will be displaying the name of party of Second part on its website and other advertisements as their franchisee without any costs to be charged from the party of Second part.  


25.  That all matters subjects to Chandigarh Jurisdiction only.


This agreement is being executed on this Day of ………………………….





Party of First Part                                                       Party of Second Part     



Witness No. 1                                                             Witness No. 2

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