Golden Opportunity to Become a Regional Center of CITC     

Any Franchise of CITC can become CITC Regional center (RC) for their state, Only one thing they have to do, Register & maintain 10+ Active Franchise units throughout that particular state. All the franchise should be under different ownership. If a person opens CITC centers in other areas on the same ownership, his/her all centers will be counted as 1 unit.

Benefits :

  • You will Get Royalty on each students registration.
  • All the centers approaching for CITC franchise, will be kept directly under RC.
  • Share in Franchise Fee.
  • Incentives as per performance.
  • Rs. 1000/- per franchise to RC. 30% of Franchise fees on Activation of Master Franchise
  • Only 1 regional will be Authorized in 1 State/UT.

Franchise Payment Slabs :
Payment Options Remarks
Slab 1 Rs. 10,000/-
All the Options will be Online i.e.
* Franchise Registration
* Study Material
* Students Registration
* Examination
* Certificate Verification
* Assignments
* Payments
Only for Computer Education
Slab 2 Rs. 20,000 /-
Rs. 10,000/-
Franchisee will get the Powers to Activate Other Franchise Only for Computer Education
Regional Center Rs. 50,000 /-
Rs. 35,000/-
Franchisee will get the Powers to Activate Other Franchise throughout the State.
Eligibility : At least 10 Active Franchise/centers of different owners. Get royalty income from other centers students. All the centers approaching for CITC franchise in that particular State, will be kept directly under RC.
Only for Computer Education

Documentation Charges Applicable Rs.1500


If any Franchise want to open another Center at any other place , 50 % Discount will be given in the selected Slab.
Student Kit Includes:
Course DVD
You have to Buy atleast Two Student Kits.

# Unique Features #

CITC – Govt. of India Regd. Institute

(A Venture of ETC Services Pvt. Ltd.  Corporate ID No. U72900CH2009PTC031886 )

An ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Brand

Microsoft Authorized Education Partner (V98566)

MSME – Govt. of India (Regd. No. CH01D0000795)

Registered with ICDL

Registered with NDLM

Online Franchise Registration

Online Computer Courses

Online Registration of Students by Franchise

Online Students Data / Certificate Verification

Placement Service Support

RC has the rights to register & support normal Franchise as well as Master Franchise within that particular State. If any recommendation from any other state, only 30% of Authorization fees will be provided. There is no provision of royalty in fees of students from other State. In case of any Master Franchise is registered by any RC, then royalty benefits from students fees of the centers recommended by Master Franchise will be shared from RC Royalty as per guidelines from CITC. If the Franchise or Master Franchise is registered/suggested by Head Office, then full authorization fees will be paid to Head Office, however 50% of royalty share from students fees will be applicable to RC of Franchise Students & 20% of remaining share in case of Master Franchise. The same will be followed by Master Franchise.

In some cases where any discount in Students Fees to be paid to CITC is settled, the Royalty to Master Franchise or RC will depreciated accordingly.

Note : The RC has to register a minimum of 10 Franchise within 3 Months of its activation. If any RC is unable to register 10 franchise initially or maintain 10+ active franchise throughout the year, their Authorization will be switched to Master Franchise without any refund & new RC Authorization can be given in that state. However their Master franchise benefits will be applicable.

If any newspaper or other media Ad is published, the RC has to share the expenses that may be contributed through existing franchise. RC will be consulted before any publication.